Thursday, October 19, 2006

Random Thoughts

Why is the fat guy Lost from getting fatter and not thinner?

Groundhog Day is a great movie! Lines:

Phil: Do you want to throw up here, or you wanna throw up in the car?
Drunk Guy: I think (ulp), both.

Phil (to groundhog): Don't drive angry! Don't drive angry!

Rita: I like to see a man of advancing years throwing caution to the wind. It's inspiring, in a way.
Phil: My years are not advancing as fast as you might think.

Drunk Guy 2: Hey Phil, if we wanted to hit mailboxes we woulda let Ralph drive.

I had my spinal alignment checked today at the women's health fair on campus, and, while I was relieved to discover that I do in fact have a spine, not just a bundle of incredibly tight muscles, I found out that there's a reason my neck has hurt for the last couple of days. Turns out the right side of my neck is 1000% tighter than the left side. Whoops. I also got a little short massage from a really nice massage therapist, and made an appointment for a free (FREE!) consultation, including x-rays, if necessary. They'll also do all the work with my insurance company, even if I need a referral from a "real" doctor in order to get chiropractic work done. OK, so I'm not sure if I buy into all the holistic stuff that goes along with chiropraxis (chiropracty? chiropractice?), but the woman who did my spinal analysis said that the nerves in your upper shoulders and neck are linked to the sinuses, which is probably why I've been congested and sneezy for the last couple days.

I do really love school, but I think sitting at my computer and reading is contributing to my neck tension. Hmmm... you think I could send the bill for my chiropractic work to Dr. Mohler?


Laura said...

New Random Thought:

I LOVE my community group. We had such a good time tonight, laughing and telling stories -- Chandi(co-leader of my CG along with her husband Rob)'s random question was, "What is one thing about you that is quirky?" which of course led to lots of teasing and wives-laughing-at-husbands and good stories. What did I ever do before I had CG every Thursday? Sit at home and cry? I would spend every evening with these dear brothers and sisters if I could.

Alex & Laura Beth said...

Isn't community group a wonderful thing? It's so good when you experience true community. -LB