Friday, April 27, 2007

Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand

Ten thousand times ten thousand, in sparkling raiment bright,
The armies of the ransomed saints throng up the steeps of light;
’Tis finished, all is finished, their fight with death and sin;
Fling open wide the golden gates, and let the victors in.

What rush of alleluias fills all the earth and sky!
What ringing of a thousand harps bespeaks the triumph nigh!
O day, for which creation and all its tribes were made;
O joy, for all its former woes a thousandfold repaid!

O then what raptured greetings on Canaan’s happy shore;
What knitting severed friendships up, where partings are no more!
Then eyes with joy shall sparkle, that brimmed with tears of late;
Orphans no longer fatherless, nor widows desolate.

Bring near Thy great salvation, Thou Lamb for sinners slain;
Fill up the roll of Thine elect, then take Thy power, and reign;
Appear, Desire of nations, Thine exiles long for home;
Show in the heaven Thy promised sign; Thou Prince and Savior, come.


Laura said...

Oh, gosh... cry, cry, cry...

ckjolly said...

and you thought heaven would be boring ...

GloryandGrace said...

~Hark how the heavenly anthem drowns
all music but its own
Awake my soul and sing
of Him who rose on high
And hail Him as thy matchless King
through all eternity~

Bobby said...

Great stuff.