Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement, Part 2

(2) Revelation

God has graciously disclosed his existence and power in the created order, and has supremely revealed himself to fallen human beings in the person of his Son, the incarnate Word. Moreover, this God is a speaking God who by his Spirit has graciously disclosed himself in human words: we believe that God has inspired the words preserved in the Scriptures, the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments, which are both record and means of his saving work in the world. These writings alone constitute the verbally inspired Word of God, which is utterly authoritative and without error in the original writings, complete in its revelation of his will for salvation, sufficient for all that God requires us to believe and do, and final in its authority over every domain of knowledge to which it speaks. We confess that both our finitude and our sinfulness preclude the possibility of knowing God’s truth exhaustively, but we affirm that, enlightened by the Spirit of God, we can know God’s revealed truth truly. The Bible is to be believed, as God’s instruction, in all that it teaches; obeyed, as God’s command, in all that it requires; and trusted, as God’s pledge, in all that it promises. As God’s people hear, believe, and do the Word, they are equipped as disciples of Christ and witnesses to the gospel.


Laura's Dad said...

I just went to the website and read more of the confessional statement and part of the vision for ministry. WOWOWOWOW!

Also looked at the stakeholders page, and wondered immediately why Mohler is not one of them. Piper is. C. J. Mahaney is. They're both good buds of Mohler: witness the T4G conference in April, 2008. But then, Sproul's not at Gospel Coalition stakeholder, nor is MacArthur. I wonder how many five-pointer's are in this thing?

Anyway, it's great stuff. I need to look to see how a local church might be able to affiliate? Is Sojourn Church connected somehow?

Laura said...

No, we're not affiliated. But have you seen Acts29's statement of faith? It's super, super solid.