Friday, November 16, 2007

... And Beowulf

Best. Review. Ever.


John Dekker said...

Seeking to please, these movie-makers fierce
Fill a film with action, with blood and gore
Which is but right, yet they forget
(Wilfully, it seems, their sins will find them out)
The place of the Lord of Heaven.

For Beowulf, brave warrior, slayer of foes,
Gives thanks to the Geats' great God,
Acknowledging his lordship, grateful for victory,
It is therefore something bravely to be hoped
That Zemeckis would include this in his film.

Laura said...

Ho! My blog-friend, many scholars say
Anachronisms are all mentionings
Of Beowulf's high praise to Geating-God.
I am yet undecided, though it seems
that the warrior-king's a pagan prince at heart.

Laura's Dad said...

This iambic pentameter's so forced
That verbage by it backwards must be writ.
Less skill 'twere if in free verse we opined,
And thus more lucid but with lesser wit.
Admitting I'm ungraced for this harsh test,
Rhymed verse is where my skill is suited best.

Radagast said...

Anachronistic, yes, is the Geats' great God:
Pagan prince of ancient time was Beowulf.
Yet Christian was his chronicler, Christian his audience,
Christian literature the words they handed down.

Craig said...

the cat
sat on
the mat

Laura said...