Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thoughts on Congregational Church Music

If you haven't visited Sojourn's music blog, you need to do a couple things. First, repent. Second, get over there. And third, as penance, post a link on Facebook, email links to everyone you know who is even vaguely connected to music ministry in churches, and go back to the site every Wednesday for the next ten weeks.

Bobby Gilles, one of Sojourn's lyricists and the blog's moderator, is going to be posting a series of short videos every Wednesday -- videos of a round-table discussion with Mike Cosper, Sojourn's worship/arts pastor, Chip Stam, founder of the SBTS school of church music and worship, and Harold Best, a well-known author and the former dean of Wheaton college, best known for his books Unceasing Worship and Music Through the Eyes of Faith.

This week's video clip is all about congregational music -- ranging from style questions to thoughts on tradition. Check it out!


Laura said...

Well, yes and no. I sing (well) and play the piano (dismally). Once I tried to play the guitar but it didn't stick. I played clarinet (woop! woop! Nerd Alert!) from 5th grade through college. I can pick out a few chords on the mandolin.

But I don't actively do any of that as ministry. I'm happiest when I'm in the congregation and not on stage.

Laura said...


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your kind response to me on another blog. The admin there decided not to allow further comments to "nest below this level" thast apparently means replies welcome. Probably will not view that site again, but I do like what I have seen on yours.