Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Love Letter To My Record Player

I have been going ON and ON and ON to anyone who will listen (sorry... everyone...) about the amazing record player I bought today.  It's a late 1960s (I'd guess '67 or '68) cabinet stereo with a record player and AM/FM radio, Packard Bell, made of hardwood (I think oak, just from the grain) with a beautiful dark finish, probably close to six feet long.

I've just gotten really tired of that beepy, digitally-compressed computer sound that comes through on mp3s and cds, and fell in love with Kelsey's record player, which sounds so warm and beautiful, so I've been on the hunt for a furniture-type vintage stereo for the last few weeks.  I found a great one thru a site that rhymes with Braeg's Mist for... get this... $60.  That's Sixty U.S. Dollars, people.  I went to an antique mall and bought a dozen records (spent less than $3/ea on average) and have been fooling around with it, trying to figure out all evening how all the little switches and doo-dads work. 

And what a sound.  Sigh. 


Radagast said...

Well, if you like that vinyl sound (and why not: I grew up with it), there's a LOT of vinyl out there at low, low prices.

Pablo said...

I saw it. It's beautiful.