Monday, March 21, 2011

Lent, Day 13: In Which I Narrowly Slide In Before The Deadline

Whew, this blogging every day thing is a trip, man. Just one day of, you know, doing stuff outside of my house with people and the whole thing almost collapses!

Rather than confuse you with some hastily-written nonsense about that thing I told you I was going to write about and still totally am I swear, I will just send you to this comic. You can thank me later. (Caution: occasional salty language ahead.) (Also, I just tried to spell "cautioin" and "occasioinal" but those are not words.)


HM said...

Well, it appears that it is fairly difficult to actually have a life, where you interact w/, and relate to real, live people, and maintain a high order profile in the blogosphere. Seems they are close to mutually exclusive. Go for the mirror foggers, if it comes to a choice!

Laura said...

Given a choice, I choose face-to-face people, but I don't think it's always (or even usually) that black and white! I choose both! ;)