Friday, October 17, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Michael Pollan's beautiful, sweeping, joyous, practical, intense, inspiring, provocative, stunningly magisterial open letter to the incoming president (whoever he may turn out to be) in the Sunday New York Times Magazine section, all about revolutionizing and returning to our agrarian roots.

It's nine pages long, wordy for a newspaper article, but is so thrillingly visionary that you'll be finished before you know it. Can't recommend it highly enough.

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MHJones said...

I read it. I t was pretty good. I didn't agree with ALL of the basic assumptions, but overall, a thoughtful, consistent and applicable article. He even made me think about some things I hadn't thought about before. But I'm willing to forgive him for that as long as it doesn't happen again.