Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Miss Tassie

Specifically, at the moment, I desperately miss morning tea, which is an Aussie tradition so sacred that its omission at social or business gatherings of any kind is punishable by death. Or at least in theory, because who, really, would even dream of skipping a steaming cup of tea and a plate full of booze-soaked cake, scones with jam and cream, and chocolate slices?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sob into my afternoon tea.


Mikey Lynch said...

Hey Laura, I would say that Tassie misses you too... it's just that we're kind of happy to all have larger shares of booze-soaked cake for ourselves!

you can always come back you know. any time.

Jacob said...

So is this some special kind of tea?
I have a lot of friends who are tea drinkers, but I've never really liked it. That said, my forays into adult beverages has taught me a lot about acquiring tastes for things, so do you have any tea recommendations for someone who likes his coffee black and his beer stout?

Cabernet Leather said...

I didn't know you didn't have morning tea over there. Is that something to do with the whole Boston tea party thing? (I'm only half serious)

Any plans to return to Tas?

Angus said...

Mmm, yes, I had custard tart for morning tea today. So you don't have it in America? That's sad! You should start a Facebook group.

Laura said...

Mikey -- greedy devil, hogging all the boozy cake for yourself. Harumph.

Jacob -- it's more of an event. 10 a.m. ish, involving tea and all sorts of lovely cakes and treats. A bit like the morning coffee break, but more entrenched in the culture.

Der and Angus -- shocking, isn't it? You'd think Americans of all people would have latched onto an excuse to eat rich foods and shirk their work. But no. Tea just isn't as popular here as a beverage, and tea-related rituals are considered either mysteriously oriental OR hopelessly froufrou. The only people who consume tea and lovely cakes are ladies at bridal or baby showers, and then it's this be-chintzed, be-doilied, affected, pinky-raising nonsense. Nothing at all like a nice homey Aussie morning tea. With boozy cake.

(In best Mr. Darcy voice): I SHALL return to Tas someday. I SHALL!

Laura said...

Oh... re: teas, Jacob. Coffee black? Then go to a nice coffee shop and have a cup of Rishi golden Yunnan tea with a tiny splash of milk. It's gorgeous. I always sweeten and milkify my tea, but sugar's optional, really.

Erica said...

Awww Laura, I wish you were here and we could have morning (or afternoon) tea at the Foodstore. Or maybe you're better off in America, since Foodstore muffins are rather stodgy ;).... Did that convince you?! Didn't think so. Come back any time and I'll cook up a storm - I make a mean muffin!