Monday, November 6, 2006

Ode to ClustrMaps

Leslie's got folks in Japan and Johannesburg
I haven't got quite so many, I fear.
One who's in London and someone in Louisville --
Where is Phil's Oz hit? My brother's? Oh dear!

Someday quite soon I shall have dots aplenty, friends.
Someday I hope to show red orbs galore!
But till that day I'll have no notoriety.
Please, ClustrMap, I want hits! Give me more!


Dave said...


Laura said...

Uhhh... can you not see the map under the links on the right side of the page? That's a ClustrMap. And if you go to Leslie's blog, you'll see hers as well.

Jonny said...

Count one more hit from Hobart TAS. Even thou your blog bores me to tears, better than studying for exams. :)

Laura said...

That actually makes me feel better about my life... which is not so sad that it requires me to comment on blogs that bore me. ;)


Pastor John said...

The ode to ClustrMap is hilarious! And what a fascinating rhyme and rythm scheme you chose! Is that anapestic tetrameter/trimeter?

I say again, fascinating! Funny, too!

BTW, how come it doesn't register me as from Colorado?

Laura said...

It's kind of a hymn scheme, like 7777, but Bobby would have to enlighten us further. It takes about 24 hours to be able to see the hits on the map.