Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Random Thoughts, Again (Now With Links!)

1. Mike is really tall. And handy to have around when one needs to put a picture into one's profile. And jealous of my laptop.
2. I can sing right in Chris Thile's range when I have a cold.
3. This and the above are declarative sentences.
4. This one isn't, right?
5. No two snowflakes are alike, except in a book of snowflake stamps.
6. I have linked Mike on my blog, but he hasn't reciprocated. What the?
7. Nikki's old blog is still as funny as ever.
8. Afton is a cool name for a girl. Can you tell I'm listening to Nickel Creek?
9. Apparently, some folks from Tassie are confused when first visiting my blog when they discover that it's not all about prayer. Whoops. It USED to be...
10. I'm incredibly glad that the ratted elections are over so the TV can get back to normal and stop showing ads every commercial break with politicians trying to shout each other down. Seriously.
11. I've traveled "heaps," apparently: 30 states and Mexico, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Germany, Belgium, England and Ireland.
12. Hold on, is there someone in Koln, Germany who has looked at my blog? Crazy! I've been there! Don't lurk, worldwide visitors! Comment!


Phil said...

actually Mike help me get picture on my profile too ;o)

do you study at the same college as Christine? I'm guessing that's how you ran into Mike?

Laura said...

We go to the same grad school, or "uni" as Mike called it... Christine and I have been friends for awhile, so they came over to my apartment to hang out tonight.

Laura said...

Haha, I guess Phil and Johnny just got home from work and started checking blogs! What time is it there?

Laura's Dad said...

Don't forget Austria and Belgium!

Jonny said...

It's 10:29pm here. 1 hour different to Sydney for weird political reasons. I need a new profile pic. No, I don't need Mikes help.

Do you like Mikes accent? British enough for you?

Pablo said...

Not only am I a worldwide visitor, but I'm a worldwide cat! Mike knows me. Tell him I said hi. Glad you could meet him... can you remind him to bring me back some American chicken? I hear you grow them pretty well down there in Kentucky. That's where chickens were invented... right?

Bobby said...

Did you go to the Chris Thile concert the other week?

Lorie said...

Seriously. Those ads were killing me.

Don't they have seminaries in Tassie?

30 states?! I'm jealous. I think it'd be neat to see more of the USA. I've seen more countries (26) than I have states...

Laura said...

Jonny, I like Mike's accent lots, but not because it sounds British, smartypants. I like all accents.

Pablo, I believe chickens were invented in China, like it says in that song.

Bobby, alas, no.

Lorie, um... maybe? I know they have them in Australia, but I'll defer to Phil and Jonny on this one.

On another note, my auto-spell-checker that has now been going for a couple weeks in the comments box underlines the word "smarty" but does NOT underline the word "smartypants."

Bye, teakettle is whistling.

Phil said...

We don't have "Seminaries" in Australia. We call them Bible Colleges.

John Dekker said...

Yeah, I'll sign up. :)

Jonny (hi Jonny!): It's 10:29pm here. 1 hour different to Sydney for weird political reasons.

Really? I thought everyone had switched to daylight savings now. (Except Queensland, because they reckon it fades the curtains.)

Oh, and you should blog about prayer more, Laura.

And Tassie doesn't have any seminaries, really. A couple of missionary training colleges, but basically - we all have to head north. That's why I'm in Melbourne. But I'm not at Bible College, Phil, I'm at Theological College.