Thursday, November 30, 2006

Prepare for the Firestorm

Oh, brother, has Boundless put their foot in it this time!

It seems that, whenever anyone wants to hold believers to a biblical standard, and suggest that they live their lives in a godly way, accountable to their local churches, a whole bunch of folks get their knickers in a twist in a big hurry. But, undaunted by this potential criticism, Boundless has started a series of articles on Biblical Dating, calling into question the whole system of dating that the church has just latched onto unquestioningly.

Check out the article, and see if you can imagine the kinds of emails they're going to get from cranky readers trying to defend their late-night one-on-one time with their significant others, or their "serial dating" habits.

Good times.


Laura's Dad said...

THAT is some very good teaching.

I repeat:



Kudos to Boundless for taking a stand!


Again I say, "Amen!"

Laura's Dad

Lorie said...

Gasp! Did you see that I linked to/talked about this VERY article on my little piece of blogspace?! What a coinkidink...

Great minds... :)

Jonny said...

The article is fairly general. I can't imagine anyone getting too cranky. What goes on in your church?

A group of people I know had a general rule of keeping the bedroom door ajar when the girlfriend/boyfriend was over.

Laura said...

Jonny, you might be surprised to see how many "Christian" couples write in to Boundless asking why it's not ok for them to have sex. They're the ones I anticipate will get self-righteous: "How dare you tell me that I have to have boundaries in my relationships! How dare you tell me there are things I shouldn't do! Etc., etc."

Lorie said...

I'm with your dad---I totally appreciate their perspective and thoughtfulness in how they approach the topic. Good stuff.