Friday, February 26, 2010

So, About That.

Yeah, turns out that a site I visited on Monday had been attacked by some lovely phishing scam/spambot folks who implanted a malicious code... in the... something something... gibberish...

Right.  My "Oh yes I shall blog everyday because I live in Perfect World la la la" has gone 100% out the window.  How about we amend that to something along the lines of "my Perfect World passport having been revoked, I shall blog whenever my internet works, my computer is not infected with malicious spybots (which sound WAY cooler than they actually are), and I have some brain capacity."  Sound good?

This section is subtitled "Stuff I Would Ordinarily Put As Status Updates If I Hadn't Given Up Facebook For Lent."

What popular dog breed is named after a Canadian peninsula?  Attention Cash Cab participants: "Golden Retriever" is not a Canadian peninsula.  But LABRADOR IS.

Can winter please be over?  Please?  Now?  Like right now?

I got to think about beautiful words, haiku, and the Music of the Spheres this morning.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I love my job.

Speaking of music, it occurred to me last night that listening to Bach's "The Well-Tempered Clavier" is like watching a math teacher do long division.  Precise.  Boring.

Speaking of record players, should I get a record player?  I am really into analog right now.

So yeah, winter.  Begone, please?  Pretty please?

OK.  That's about all.


Dave said...


Dave said...

And also... "the music of the spheres" is in fact a line from one of my favorite hymns.

Laura said...


Me too.