Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Calling All Nerds

Popped by Shapely Prose today and found an article about plagiarism.  Much moaning and lamentation ensued in the comments about kids these days, and then the brilliant Henchminion linked to one of those "free essay" sites, whereon she has planted intentionally heinous essays.  Heinous essays that have been purchased, downloaded and, evidently, turned in.  Here's one she wrote about the Magna Carta that's full of priceless non sequiturs and anachronisms.  My favorite part?  Dig:

A third provision concerns taxation. In the original Latin, it is summed up by the famous words "Discipulus tuus hunc tractatum non scripsit." This sentence means "There is to be no taxation without representation."

That Latin sentence, in case your dead language skills aren't really up to par, actually means, "Your student did not write this essay."

Also, oh my goodness, please read the "bibliography."  Amazing.

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