Monday, March 1, 2010

De-lurk, I beg of you!

I know I have at least a dozen RSS subscribers up in here, and some people following me on Blogger too... so if you would be so kind, can y'all de-lurk in the comments and just say hi?  I'd love to see what kind of stuff you're writing too.  I mean, if you want to do the full-on intro and tell everybody where you're from, that's cool, but just "hi" would be great!

I would also deeply appreciate linkage, if any of y'all reading have blogs or sites (or just on Facebook or whatever).  Don't feel pressured or anything, but every little link helps!

Thanks, friends!



Brian said...

Since you asked...

Hi, my name is Brian, I'm a Sojourner, a tweeter, a former blogger, and a Wildcat-a-holic :)

Good job on the blogging, by the way.

Angus said...

Angus, well-awesome blogger, and very happy you're back to blogging.

Laura's mom said...


Lurker, blog-reader, person with little intellectual capacity for comment, lover of my daughter.

I'm glad you're back to blogging, too, and Angus is a twit!

Bobble said...

Hi there,

I'm one of the RSS subscribers following from a tiny corner of southern Nova Scotia. While I'm here, I should tell you that I love your witty, sarcastic comments. :-)

I'm not much of a writer, as you'll notice if you visit my blog, but I am a voracious reader (as you'll also see on my blog).

Laura said...

Hi Brian, thanks for de-lurking. It'll take some sanctification for me to let a Wildcat fan comment, but the Lord is growing me in that area apparently!

Angus, you are well awesome.

Thanks, mama, I love it when you comment.

Bobble, thanks so much! I've followed some good links from your blog -- and I think your profile pic is gorgeous.

Amanda (twyls) said...


I follow in RSS. I'm a Sojourner, which is probably how I found your blog. My husband and I write Love and Fiction (, though very sporadically. Love your blog!


Gordon Cheng said...

Well I'm still here! I think I commented on your previous blog a while ago, so it is possible you knew that I was a lurker!

Enjoying your writing.

Joanna Newsom is good (your next post)

Laura said...

Thanks Amanda!

And Gordo, brother, you are a faithful commenter. Onya.

DanaMichelle said...

I would subscribe but I don't know how! I did link you on my blog so it's easier to find you. :)

Dana (Fuchs)

Laura said...

Dana, do you not have an RSS reader? I used to follow from blogger, but I'm not a fan of their layout, so I switched to Google reader.

Thanks for commenting, girl!! :)

Jack Brannen said...


Laura said...

Thanks, Jack...