Saturday, March 6, 2010


We (as in my church, Sojourn) are starting an overview of the New Testament this week.  I'm pretty pumped about it.  We just finished an overview of the Old Testament in fourteen months, and it was a new thing for us, since the last major preaching series was more than two years in the Gospel of Matthew alone.

I think modern Reformed churches tend almost to idolize expository, verse-by-verse preaching.  I'm a big fan of verse-by-verse preaching and I'd even go so far as to say that it's necessary for the health of a congregation.  But I think pastors do their congregations a disservice if that's the only thing they do.  People need not just a deep understanding of "every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" but also an awareness of the breadth and scope of God's working in "all Scripture."

I'm excited that we'll be gaining some broader perspective on the whole New Testament like we did with the Old Testament!  

Anyway, should I bring my Greek New Testament to church with me on Sundays or not?  I swear it's not because I'm trying to look cool -- I just really, really love Greek, and as I try to improve my skill I find that reading my GNT for study and devotions is the biggest help.


your mom said...

With all the seminarians in your church, I'll bet you aren't alone. Besides, no pastor in your church would be intimidated by it, and anyone who knows you doesn't need a GNT to know you're cool!
Here's to improving your Greek.

Alex & Laura Beth said...

No fears, Laura. No one will think that you are just "trying to look cool" if you bring your GNT to church. No one. I promise.

fional said...

You really, really love Greek? I think that's really, really wierd, but I also think it's really good. Go Laura :-D.

Laura said...

Lol, thanks Fi... ;)

I really do love it. My Greek students really love it too! It's just pretty beast when you translate a whole passage and check it against the ESV and realize you got exactly the same thing.