Thursday, March 18, 2010

Classroom Quotes From The Last Few Days

David: "He took a nap."
Me: "If by 'took a nap' you mean 'went crazy and killed himself,' then yes."
David: "That's exactly what I meant."

Hannah: "They tried to make me go to 'your mom' joke rehab, but I said, 'No, your mom, no.'"

Aaron: "Miss Roberts, does your dad have kids?"

Baylee: "That's not an angel, that's a llama."

Hannah Beth: "I found a fish with a transparent head."
Me: "... And that's going in the quotes."


Bobble said...

There's a goldfish living in my house whose name is Invisible. My kids came up with that name; the fish has somewhat transparent skin.

I think the quotation about the nap is quite funny.

Laura said...

Bobble, I'm sure there ARE fish with actually transparent heads -- it's just that this comment had absolutely nothing to do with our discussion, LOL! Just all of a sudden she decided to tell me that she found a fish with a transparent head. It might also help to know that she's a teenager... ;)

The whole DAY today was funny. :)