Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Words Matter, part 2

(Previous warning about "shouty and capsy" remains in effect.)

Dear Blog Reader,

Seriously, quit thinking that every blogger is out to get you.  If you find yourself getting offended by pretty much everything you read on blogs, you need to do two things: 1) GET OFF THE INTERNET. and 2) FIND A HOBBY.  Nobody is sitting around coming up with new and creative ways to hurt your poor widdle feelings.  There comes a point where you need to ask yourself, "What is the common denominator in all of the posts that make me angry/offend me deeply/cause me to question people's salvation?"  I have the answer to that question.  IT'S YOU.

Maybe you're totally convinced that the KJV-only position is right, or that women should wear long dresses and headcoverings, or that daughters should ALWAYS stay home until they get married, even if that means no college and no job, ever.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING MY BLOG?  Or blogs of OTHER people who you KNOW do not agree with you on those subjects?  You HAVE TO REALIZE that you're going to be in the minority, right?  And that comments sections on blogs are probably NOT the best place to convince people to burn their NIVs and their PANTS?

Look, I don't frequent (for instance) the blogs of people who think that it's fine/good/desirable for women to be pastors/elders in the local church.  That's not because of some kind of confirmation bias, but just because I know that I'll get annoyed with their bad exegesis or disregard for Scripture and be tempted to let it all out in the comments sections.  I don't read Pyromaniacs anymore because those dudes are seriously NOT OK with people who believe in the continuation of all the gifts of the Spirit.  I mean NOT OK AT ALL.  So rather than going over there and painting a bullseye on my charismatic self, I just leave them to it, knowing that the Lord will one day correct THEIR theology just like he's definitely going to correct mine.

I mean, really, it gets to the point that I want to ask you, DO YOU HATE YOURSELF?  If not, WHY do you subject yourself to this all the time, and then get hurt and prickly and obnoxious about it?  MARTYR COMPLEXES ARE NOT CUTE.  CAN YOU DIG IT?



Rebecca Dennison said...

hehe :} This makes me wonder what blogs you read. The blogs I follow aren't nearly so inflammatory.

Laura said...

Mostly this is general observations from a few blogs, most of which I don't read anymore. Nothing recent, but I was reminded as I read through the comments section of that plagiarism article I referred to a few posts ago, that there are a whole lot of people who seem to deliberately miss the point and get offended.